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Let's stay together (karaoke-version) as made famous by: tina turner 5:23 Karaoke Karaoke Classics: Tina Turner 2006 2,00 €
Naked in the rain (karaoke-version) as made famous by: blue pearl 4:11 Karaoke Karaoke Dance: Children Of The Revolution 2006 2,00 €
How's it going to be (karaoke-version) as made famous by: third eye blind 4:17 Karaoke Karaoke Rock: I Only Want To Be With You 2006 2,00 €
What's forever for (karaoke-version) as made famous by: michael martin murphy 2:52 Karaoke Karaoke Country: For The Good Times 2006 2,00 €
Smooth (karaoke-version) as made famous by: santana feat. rob thomas 3:57 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Hold On 2006 2,00 €
Rotterdam (karaoke-version) as made famous by: the beautiful south 3:26 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Twist & Shout - I Saw Her Standing There - Hard Day's Night - Can't Buy Me Love 2006 2,00 €
I wanna love you forever (karaoke-version) as made famous by: jessica simpson 4:39 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Barenaked 2006 2,00 €
What is love? (karaoke-version) as made famous by: howard jones 4:03 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Lust For Life 2006 2,00 €
Pas le temps 3:36 Faf Larage Faf Larage - Pas Le Temps - Karaoke Zebra 2009 2,00 €
Loving each day (karaoke-version) as made famous by: ronan keating 3:27 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Deep & Meaningless 2006 2,00 €
Life is fantastic (karaoke-version) as made famous by: army of lovers 5:41 Karaoke Karaoke Dance: Drop It On The One 2006 2,00 €
Do that to me one more time (karaoke-version) as made famous by: da flava 5:26 Karaoke Karaoke Dance: Strong Enough 2006 2,00 €
Days go by (karaoke-version) as made famous by: keith urban 3:49 Karaoke Karaoke Country: You Caught My Eye 2006 2,00 €
Till (karaoke-version) as made famous by: tom jones 2:18 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Whistle Down The Wind 2006 2,00 €
Time & chance (karaoke-version) as made famous by: color me badd 4:18 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: One Boy One Girl 2006 2,00 €
Making your mind up - don't you want me - heaven is a place on earth (karaoke-version) as made famous by: bucks fizz - human lea 4:44 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Land Of Make Believe 2006 2,00 €
Lonely no more (karaoke-version) as made famous by: rob thomas 3:49 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely 2006 2,00 €
Wouldn't it be nice (karaoke-version) as made famous by: beach boys 2:23 Karaoke Karaoke Singing The Songs Of The Beach Boys 2006 2,00 €
In my arms (karaoke-version) as made famous by: mylo 3:45 Karaoke Karaoke Dance: Where Do You Go 2006 2,00 €
Summertime in the lbc (karaoke-version) as made famous by: the dove shack 4:04 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Friday, I'm In Love 2006 2,00 €
Piece of my heart (karaoke-version) as made famous by: shaggy feat. marsha 4:33 Karaoke Karaoke Soul: Sky 2006 2,00 €
Picture of you (karaoke-version) as made famous by: boyzone 3:30 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Picture Of You 2006 2,00 €
Mad passionate love (karaoke-version) as made famous by: bernard bresslaw 2:54 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Take My Breath Away 2006 2,00 €
Super dupa love (karaoke-version) as made famous by: joss stone 4:22 Karaoke Karaoke Pop: Can't Be With You Tonight 2006 2,00 €
C'est la ouate 3:05 Caroline Loeb Caroline Loeb - C'est La Ouate - Karaoke Zebra 2009 2,00 €
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